From the smoldering ashes of Nitocris and the dark chasms of Bitchslap comes, The Mis-Made. Originally formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter and lead guitarist, Jess Finlayson. Ms Finlayson reigns from Australian, all female, hard rock Sydney band Nitocris. Nitocris tore through Australia and achieved many milestones, which include filling the main stage of Big Day Out, supporting Deep Purple, The Cult, Suicidal Tendencies and causing chaotic havoc through the 90’s and 2000’s.

Finlayson has now teamed up with lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Jess Coram from Sydney band Bitchslap. Bitchslap terrorized the Australian/UK underground, grunge/rock scene through the early 2000’s, spawning two EP’s “Eat Me!” & “Give Me My Life Back”

Finlayson/Coram are seen as a duo from hell, with a pounding rhythm section (Rexy Yasa on Bass and Lara Chrystal on drums) behind them, The Mis-Made released their second EP – Maelstrom in early 2015 with an east tour of Australia in support of the E.P, followed by an international tour of the UK/Europe, in Sept/Oct 2015, which saw them play with some amazing international bands such as, Mother’s Cake, White Miles, The Kut and Ann My Guard.

Recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell, Maelstrom is a combination of hard-edged, dark pop/rock, with haunting harmonies and catchy melodies. The EP embodies eerie violins and travels through tales of war, sexism and the need for creative freedom. Finlayson’s songwriting talent sores on Maelstrom and if there is one act to watch out for in 2015, it’s The Mis-Made.

The band are about to get back on the road with a double A-side single release, recorded at Faust studios in Prague.

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